Know your risk

Vulnerability & Risk Assessment

For any business, before committing to any cybersecurity infrastructure, the most important questions are:
  • What are the most critical risks to my line of business?
  • Specifically, to my company, how vulnerable am I in quantifiable terms?
  • What are my options mitigating these risks, and what is the optimal cybersecurity roadmap?
With Iristel’s risk assessment, you will be able to answer all these questions and make acknowledged decisions
Small Medium Enterprise
Vulnerability Scan With
Mitigation Report
Outside-in Outside-in and internal One time Outside-in
5-part Vulnerability Evaluation
& Risk Assessment
N/A 2 day (remote) One time 5 day (on site) One time
Pricing $200 - one time $1,600 - one time $9,200 - one time
Options & Notes add 3 quarterly vulnerability
scans for an additional $300
add 3 quarterly vulnerability scan
refreshes for an additional $500
3 quarterly vulnerability scan
refreshes included
Stay protected

Iristel Cyber Tech Package

For small businesses with a limited budget, what you need is to protect the most critical aspects of your business in the most effective way. With Iristel’s Cyber Tech Package, you are fully protected by our next-generation AI-powered Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) and physical Firewall, plus 24x7 cybersecurity support .
Next-Gen Real time EDR
Malware Real-time Protection
One-alert, No Alert Fatigue
Multi-layered, Pre/Post Infection
Certified NGAV
Automated EDR, Threat Hunting,
Virtual Patching
PC/DSS HIPAA Compliance
Next-Gen Physical Firewall
Physical FW Unit
Application Control/IPS
Botnet IP/domain
Mobile Malware Services
Web Filtering
Virus Outbreak Protection
Cybersecurity Management
24x7 FW Technical SupportFW Configuration & Setup
Cloud AV & FW Managment
Rate starts at $100/month. For more detailed information, please contact your Iristel representatives
Stay protected

All-in-ONE, MDR (Managed Detect & Response), 24x7

For medium to large organizations, the internal IT team is often overwhelmed with projects and daily supports while you have more assets that are potentially exposed to cybercrimes and threats. Instead of hiring expensive cybersecurity experts, Iristel’s Managed Detection & Response (MDR) solution provides an appealing option. All emails, web browsing, laptops, servers and phones are going to be fully protected under Iristel MDR. Your investment is only a fraction to hiring full time staff.
Essentials Enhanced Advanced
Email Protection
Anti Malware
Phishing Training -
File Sandbox -
Email Encryption -
Isolated Link Browsing - -
Web Protection
URL Filter
Isolated Browsing -
URL Sandbox - -
Endpoint Protection
Device Control
Advanced Malware Detection
Sandbox -
Advanced Threat Protection -
Application Isolation - -
Network Deception - -
Rate starts at 55$/end/month, min 35 endpoints. For more detailed information, please contact your Iristel representatives

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