Expected to become the biggest driver of productivity and growth over the next decade, the Internet of Things (IoT) can provide insights and create opportunities for businesses. Opportunities to reduce costs and increase efficiency, innovate within a category and explore new revenue streams. As the number of devices we rely on increases, and the amount of data we collect mounts, Iristel IoT enables the effective management of those devices, and utilization of that information. Iristel IoT bridges the realities of the physical world and the limitless potential of the Internet to change the way we work.

At its core, Iristel IoT is about connecting devices and extracting data. For that, you need a network — one that ensures coverage, speed and reliability, anytime, anywhere. The Iristel network provides you with one secure, global platform to manage all your devices. Our fully owned, managed and monitored network is one of the largest IP networks in Canada, allowing you to stay connected coast-to-coast. Iristel can help you deploy IoT solutions that streamline processes and increase your bottom-line.

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